A walk in the Mandres larch forest and the Fraina area

1 h 45'

Take the Faloria cable car near the bus station, and get off at the midway station at Mandres. From here, take track n° 220 through the forest, which in 45 minutes will bring you close to Fattoria Meneguto, an agritourism venue at the foot of the slopes that rise steeply up to Monte Faloria. The Fraina area and the slopes around it are sites with a wealth of ancient legends and beliefs: Faloria, a mountain behind which the sun rises, was considered sacred because it was here that there was a gateway opening to the god Silvanus. In addition, Fraina is thought to be one of the first human settlements in the Ampezzo valley.

To return, take track n° 214 until you reach the intersection with track n° 210; turn right and then return onto track n° 220 which takes you back to the starting point.

Rest points

Fattoria Meneguto


From Fraina, you can return to the lower cable car station by taking the road towards Cojana and then walking along the disused railway until you reach the bridge at the station.


4,4 km
1.480 m
Positive elevation gain
266 m
Negative elevation gain
266 m