Stella Polare


Our Stella Polare Restaurant welcome you with the best of local traditional, Italian and international cuisine in a warm and elegant atmosphere.

All the ingredients are exalted by our Executive Chef Maurizio Aluotto who creates extraordinarily tasty and elegant dishes such as the warm radicchio salad with crispy Speck from the Cadore region on Lamon beans cream flavored with the reduction of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena or the Cervar Tartar with Puccia bread ice-cream, pine honey and raspberry aspretto, or the Chef Maurizio's  Tagliolini with hemp sautéed with artichokes of Sant'Erasmo on black garlic cream and mullet bottarga or the Duck croisé in oven on a spicy sweet and sour sauce cooked in the hay and why not the Tomahawk of Manzetta Prussiana (at least 1200 kg) roasted on salt and aromatic oil with its toppings, you will then be tempted by freshly baked bread and homemade desserts from our pastry chef.

Follow the Stella Polare through a unique culinary experience while enjoying high quality products cooked and prepared by our Executive Chef and his team, the flavors will be a lasting memory.



Corso Italia, 197 - 32046 Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno)

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