The Queen of the Dolomites offers many routes of varying difficulty and length, suitable for people of all ages and requirements. You will discover many incredible panoramic viewpoints and unexpected glimpses over Cortina’s grasslands and mountains, on easy walks with minimal ascent, or explore some of Cortina’s most historic and characteristic hamlets, whose fascination is closely tied to their historic aspects and the traditional Ampezzo architecture. 

Enjoy nature at the heart of the enchanted forests of the Dolomiti d’Ampezzo Nature Park, an 11,200-hectare area that enables you to admire a wide range of landscapes of great naturalistic interest and habitats with a high degree of biodiversity, amongst the richest and least contaminated of the Dolomites. There are many locations for refreshments on the routes, such as mountain lodges and huts, and rural tourism venues: excellent places at which to stop for a snack, a drink or a traditional lunch, or to savour a warm, typically alpine atmosphere and genuine, traditional cuisine.

Walk from the town centre to Campo

This easy walk with a minimal vertical distance is ideal for all, and provides unexpected views over Cortina’s grasslands and peaks.

Cinque Torri tour

An easy walk along the trenches of War World One, surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Walk to Pian de Ra Spines

A pleasant walk along the river Boite in the Pian de Ra Spines forest.

Dolomieu Trail

A panoramic track dedicated to Déodat de Dolomieu, the French geologist famous for having discovered “Dolomia” rock, after which the Dolomites are named.

A walk amongst marmots and grazing cattle

An itinerary set amidst the peaks and grasslands of the famous Giau Pass

Botanical Path to the Fanes waterfalls

A spectacular panoramic walk in the Dolomiti d’Ampezzo Nature Park, in the magical kingdom of Fanes, amongst ravines and deep valleys.

Mortisa and the Volpera Caves

Starting from the town centre, this easy walk explores traditional hamlets and an evocative forest.

A walk in the height of good taste

A panoramic walk that runs through several traditional settings with a warm Alpine atmosphere and authentic traditional cuisine

To Botestagno Castle

Easy historical excursion to discover Botestagno Castle

To Forcella Lerosa

Relaxing route through ancient stone pine forests and broad meadows

Trench Trail

On the traces of war in the Averau trenches