These wellness professionals are your point of reference in Cortina for your relax and meditation sessions in the wonderful Ampezzo Valley. Try with them yoga, meditation, naturopathy and other activities to stimulate all the senses, immersing yourself in the unspoilt nature of Cortina.

Mind Ful Free Ride

La Mindfulfreeride unisce i benefici delle tecniche scientifiche per potenziare il benessere all'attività fisica in mezzo alle magnifiche Dolomiti. Nella natura vengono stimolati i 5 sensi e la montagna, in particolare, ci dona moltissimi benefici.

Enrosadira Center Coaching

Personal growth paths through the support of horses.

Andrea Rudes - Mindset Coach

In my role as Mental Coach, I help my clients to learn simple, practical and scientifically-tested techniques for: managing stress effectively and rapidly, achieving mental clarity in order to define objectives, developing winning strategies of personal, sports and professional growth.