A borderland since time immemorial, Cortina embodies the flavours of Italy and Tyrol: in the Ampezzo area, you will find many routes taking you to malghe mountain huts, rural tourism venues and high altitude mountain lodges at which you can taste genuine alpine cuisine, with a warm welcome and zero-food-mile products. 

The Queen of the Dolomites offers numerous itineraries varying in difficulty and length, punctuated by clearings with grazing cattle, donkeys and horses, and cosy venues for refreshments. You can relax amidst traditional aromas and the sunlight on the summery terraces that are a feature of many mountain lodges. On the coldest days, it is well worth enjoying the traditional dishes inside, revelling in the warmth of the old-style majolica wood-burning stoves. 

Don’t miss the classic casunziei, half-moon-shaped pasta envelopes with a beetroot filling and sprinkled with poppy seeds, canederli, and many other local specialities.

Walk to Malga Ra Stua

A walk in the Dolomiti d'Ampezzo Nature Park, reaching the enchanting mountain hut Malga Ra Stua.

Hike to Rifugio Nuvolau

A circular walk to the Ampezzo valley’s first mountain lodge.

Round trip of the three refuges

In the Ampezzo Dolomites Park between Malga Ra Stua, Rifugio Sennes and Rifugio Biella

A walk in the height of good taste

A panoramic walk that runs through several traditional settings with a warm Alpine atmosphere and authentic traditional cuisine

Walk to the lodge Rifugio 5 Torri

A hike at the foot of the Cinque Torri peaks, surrounded by history, Alpine climbing and breath-taking views.

Walk to Rifugio Mietres

A walk through the largest larch forest in Europe, one of the finest in the Dolomites.

Walk to Rifugio Col Gallina and the lake of the Anguane

An easy walk in the heart of the Dolomites, on a route brimming in magic.

Walk to Rifugio Giussani

A high-altitude walk in the company of two splendid giants: Tofana di Rozes and Tofana di Mezzo.