Some via ferrata routes are dedicated specifically to experts and thrill lovers, taking you to the top of the most iconic Dolomite peaks. These routes with high levels of difficulty are hallmarked by difficult, as they have vertical and very exposed sections that require good fitness and expert knowledge of this type of sport. During these routes, also when you conquer the peaks, the majesty of the Ampezzo Valley and the incredible beauty of nature will be able to reward the effort. 

Tomaselli Via Ferrata - Fanes Group

The Tomaselli is a particularly panoramic and exciting via ferrata, but it is physically and technically rather challenging, as a result of the path’s difficulty and exposure. When you reach the peak, you are rewarded with one of the finest views in the Dolomites, and the route also includes locations linked to the Great War.

Via Ferrata degli Alpini - Col dei Bos

The Via Ferrata degli Alpini, of medium difficulty, is on the Pyramid of Col dei Bos, near the Falzarego Pass, and it enables you to see the hospital structures dating back to the First World War, and the Dolomites in all their splendour.

Ettore Bovero Via Ferrata - Col Rosà

A via ferrata for experts on the south-western face of Col Rosà, to the north of Cortina d’Ampezzo. The view from the summit, at 2,166 m, is spectacular: you can enjoy the beautiful panorama offered by the Ampezzo Valley, surrounded by an array of mountains, from the Tofane group to Pomagagnon.

Via Ferrata Giovanni Lipella

A via ferrata for experts that leads directly to the summit of one of the most famous peaks in the Dolomites: Tofana di Rozes.

Olivieri Punta Anna Via Ferrata - Tofana di Mezzo

A via ferrata for experts, considered one of the finest in the Dolomites, on the buttress at the extremity of Tofana di Mezzo.

Marino Bianchi Via Ferrata - Cristallo di Mezzo

A via ferrata for experts, which brings you to the summit of Cristallo di Mezzo, where the traditional cairn confirms that you have reached the top.

Sci Club 18 Vie Ferrata - Faloria

This very difficult via ferrata climbs the entire Crepe di Faloria crags right up to the Rifugio Faloria lodge. It is a breath-taking route that gives you views of the entire Ampezzo Valley and the Dolomite peaks surrounding it.

Ivano Dibona Via Ferrata - Cristallo Group

A difficult via ferrata that calls for a high level of fitness, considering the route’s length and altitude. The Ivano Dibona via ferrata is one of the most famous ferratas in the Dolomites, hallmarked by a magnificent 30-metre-long suspension bridge that offers an unmissable opening for the route.

Tofana di Mezzo Via Ferrata

A spectacular via ferrata for experts, with many vertical sections and exposed traverses, which takes you directly to one of the finest and unmissable peaks of the Dolomites: Tofana di Mezzo.