Some via ferrata routes enable you to re-enact experiences dating back to the tragic First World War conflicts that directly involved Cortina d’Ampezzo. These unmissable routes, comprising easy sections and others of medium difficulty, take you to outposts, old garrisons and field hospitals, locations typical of the trench warfare fought amongst the Ampezzo peaks. These itineraries are unmissable for their unique emotions and for the beauty of the landscapes providing the backdrop for the experience. 

Tomaselli Via Ferrata - Fanes Group

The Tomaselli is a particularly panoramic and exciting via ferrata, but it is physically and technically rather challenging, as a result of the path’s difficulty and exposure. When you reach the peak, you are rewarded with one of the finest views in the Dolomites, and the route also includes locations linked to the Great War.

Via Ferrata degli Alpini - Col dei Bos

The Via Ferrata degli Alpini, of medium difficulty, is on the Pyramid of Col dei Bos, near the Falzarego Pass, and it enables you to see the hospital structures dating back to the First World War, and the Dolomites in all their splendour.

Via Ferrata Formenton - Tofana di Dentro

A via ferrata of medium difficulty that does not receive many visits, reaching the incredible peak of Tofana di Dentro at 3,238 m, giving climbers one of the most remarkable and evocative views of the Ampezzo Valley.

Lagazuoi tunnels Via Ferrata

This very particular remnant of the First World War is completely equipped with cables and leads through the famous winding tunnel.

Via Ferrata Giovanni Lipella

A via ferrata for experts that leads directly to the summit of one of the most famous peaks in the Dolomites: Tofana di Rozes.

Renè de Pol Via Ferrata - Forame de Inze (Cristallo)

A via ferrata of medium difficulty that ascends Punta Ovest of Forame in the Cristallo group, with a series of exposed sections and emplacements dating back to the First World War.

Ivano Dibona Via Ferrata - Cristallo Group

A difficult via ferrata that calls for a high level of fitness, considering the route’s length and altitude. The Ivano Dibona via ferrata is one of the most famous ferratas in the Dolomites, hallmarked by a magnificent 30-metre-long suspension bridge that offers an unmissable opening for the route.

Via Ferrata Via della Pace

Via della Pace is a long route with sections of via ferrata along the walkways and emplacements used by the Austrian troops during the First World War.

Scala del Minighel Via Ferrata - Circuit around Tofana di Rozes

Scala del Minighel, with its 270 pegs fixed into the rock, is the oldest via ferrata in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Sottotenente Fusetti Via Ferrata - Sass de Stria

An easy via ferrata that runs along the First World War Austro-Hungarian front. From here, the Austrian soldiers responded to fire from the Italian soldiers stationed on the Cengia Martini ledge on Piccolo Lagazuoi.