Alpine flavours 26/08/2022

Local food production and traditions: the Alpine farms of Cortina

Cortina’s local farms are not just a chance for tourists to taste local products. They are also a way to keep traditions alive and take care of the land.

Alpine flavours 26/05/2021

Spinach Spätzle

These small gnocchi made of egg dough come in many different flavours and with a variety of sauces. Cortina's most popular spätzle are made with spinach, which gives them a green colour that matches the woods of the Dolomites.

Alpine flavours 16/03/2021

Brazorà, the sweet focaccia of Cortina's tradition

Brazorà literally means “to hug” in the local ladin language. This soft, sweet focaccia bread was given such a name because of its wreath shape and because of the occasion when it was prepared.

Alpine flavours 10/03/2021

Ciariè, Cortina's caraway grappa

Another recipe of Cortina’s tradition: caraway grappa, widely used in German and South Tyrolean cuisine, also as a digestif. A recipe to download, try and to enjoy!

Alpine flavours 01/02/2021

Cheese Canederli

Stale bread, some cheese and a few other ingredients: canederli are a great example of how simple products can become a very tasty dish. Once a dish of leftovers, today the canederli are considered a local delicacy and can be found in virtually all of Cortina’s mountain huts as well as in some of its most elegant restaurants.

Alpine flavours 22/01/2021

Beetroot Casunziei: Cortina’s traditional dish

Cortina's most typical recipe brings together the simple ingredients of the mountain and the homely feeling of a family gathering.

Alpine flavours 24/12/2020

Spiced Biscuits

Even though spiced biscuits are not a traditional Alpine recipe, we find they match perfectly Cortina’s Christmas atmosphere: snowy landscapes, cosy homes, stunning mountains and shared moments.

Alpine flavours 15/12/2020


The zelten is a typical cake of the Dolomites, a recipe that can be found in local cookbooks from the 18th century. With the sweetness and energy of loads of dried fruits, the zelten is just perfect for December's long evenings.

Alpine flavours 04/12/2020

Festive recipes: a gift for you

Traditional recipes are an unmissable part of Christmas Holidays in Cortina. Find out all the recipes by Monica Giustina (One Cake in a Million) for sweet holidays.