Alpine flavours 26/08/2022

Local food production and traditions: the Alpine farms of Cortina

Cortina’s local farms are not just a chance for tourists to taste local products. They are also a way to keep traditions alive and take care of the land.

Nuggets of culture 18/08/2022

Summer traditions

Cortina's summer traditions are a celebration of ancient customs and of the joy to be together. A great way to really get to know the destination while having a good time.

News 28/03/2022

Spring skiing

With high-altitude slopes and stunning mountain huts, Cortina is one of the best places in the Dolomites for spring skiing.

News 07/02/2022

Sunrise and sunset from atop

Seeing the sun rise or set from a terrace nestled in the Dolomites is a truly touching experience in itself, to which you can add an extra bit of cosiness and Alpine atmosphere by sleeping at a mountain lodge.

News 03/11/2021

Don't know how to validate your Green Pass?

3 easy steps to get back on the slopes.

News 26/10/2021

Why you should choose Cortina for your comeback to the slopes

Two new lifts make it easier to enjoy Cortina's slopes and gourmet mountain huts and link the town with Alta Badia and the Sella Ronda ski carousel.

News 02/09/2021

Absolutely Autumn in Cortina

Capture the enchanting views of the UNESCO Dolomites and all their autumn colours

News 27/08/2021

Four food events to explore the taste of Cortina's cuisine

Cortina celebrates this time of the year with four events dedicated to food and to discovering the best the town and its surroundings have to offer, from locally-grown ingredients to the creations of skilled chefs.

Nuggets of culture 30/07/2021

Those days on K2: Cortina remembers the achievement by local climber Lino Lacedelli

Born in Cortina d’Ampezzo, a member of the historic Scoiattoli (Squirrels) group, Lacedelli was the first to reach the summit of Karakorum 2, together with Achille Compagnoni. Sixty-seven years have passed since that remarkable achievement, an expression of man’s deep-rooted passion for the mountain.

News 19/07/2021

Fabio Vettori and his little ants for Cortina, showing respect for the mountains

A campaign to raise awareness on the subject of refuse in the mountains aimed at adults and children by Fabio Vettori!

Cortina and the Olympic Games 18/07/2021

Cortina’s chefs to bring a taste of Italy to the Tokyo Olympics

Graziano Prest and Fabio Pompanin will be the official chefs of Casa Italia, the hospitality house for Italy's Olympic team and partners, bringing a taste of Cortina’s food scene to the Olympic World.

News 15/06/2021

Mountain Lodges: the oldest, the highest, the remotest

Cortina has more than 30 rifugi, with a variety and quality that few destinations can compete with. Mountain lodges are a tourist attraction for their traditional cooking, cosy atmosphere and enchanting views on the Dolomites. Moreover, a night at a mountain lodge is a very authentic Alpine experience and allows guests to wake up at the starting point of the next hike or via ferrata.

Alpine flavours 26/05/2021

Spinach Spätzle

These small gnocchi made of egg dough come in many different flavours and with a variety of sauces. Cortina's most popular spätzle are made with spinach, which gives them a green colour that matches the woods of the Dolomites.

News 24/05/2021

Through rock and clouds: Cortina’s leg of the Giro d’Italia

Sacile-Cortina was supposed to be long, hard, the Giro’s mountain stage par excellence...

Cortina and the Olympic Games 30/03/2021

2026 Winter Olympics: the official logo has been unveiled

Futura will be the official logo of the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics: the first in history chosen through an online popular vote, among 871,566 votes.

Alpine flavours 16/03/2021

Brazorà, the sweet focaccia of Cortina's tradition

Brazorà literally means “to hug” in the local ladin language. This soft, sweet focaccia bread was given such a name because of its wreath shape and because of the occasion when it was prepared.

News 15/03/2021

Old-timers events in Cortina: a window on yesteryear

Mountain roads unwinding from one valley to the next, a backdrop of stunning landscapes and the classic charm exuded by the town are among the reasons why Cortina d’Ampezzo regularly hosts old-timers’ events.

Alpine flavours 10/03/2021

Ciariè, Cortina's caraway grappa

Another recipe of Cortina’s tradition: caraway grappa, widely used in German and South Tyrolean cuisine, also as a digestif. A recipe to download, try and to enjoy!