Pian de ra Spines tour

The Pian de Ra Spines route runs alongside both banks of the river Boite, offering many viewpoints along its course.

Lavaredo Ultra Trail

This is the itinerary of the famous Lavaredo Ultra Trail, the international race that takes place in Cortina every year.

Walk to Lake Ghedina

An easy walk through forests and Alpine grassland, reaching the banks of the lovely Lake Ghedina.

Hike to Rifugio Nuvolau

A circular walk to the Ampezzo valley’s first mountain lodge.

Walk from the town centre to Campo

This easy walk with a minimal vertical distance is ideal for all, and provides unexpected views over Cortina’s grasslands and peaks.

Walk at the foot of the Cinque Torri peaks

An easy walk along the trenches of War World One, surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Walk to Pian de Ra Spines

A pleasant walk along the river Boite in the Pian de Ra Spines forest.

Walk to Lake Lìmedes

A short and easy walk to Lago di Lìmedes, a small lake set amongst some of the most famous peaks in the Dolomites.

Walk to the enchanting Lake Sorapis

One of the most magical lakes in the Dolomites, with its distinctive and unusual intense turquoise colour.

Walk to the sources of River Boite and Lake Fosses

An itinerary in the heart of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites, with lakes and streams of crystal-clear water.

Dolomieu Trail

A panoramic track dedicated to Déodat de Dolomieu, the French geologist famous for having discovered “Dolomia” rock, after which the Dolomites are named.

A walk to the Forcella Zumeles gully

A panoramic route at the foot of mount Cristallo with views over the whole Ampezzo valley.

A walk amongst marmots and grazing cattle

An itinerary set amidst the peaks and grasslands of the famous Giau Pass

The chamois track

A splendid panoramic walk downhill, in the setting of the Tofane mountains.

Strobel Via Ferrata - Punta Fiames (Pomagagnon)

The Albino Strobel Michielli via ferrata is de rigueur for mountain-lovers: the view that you have when you reach the top is breath-taking; in fact, here you can see exactly why Cortina is called “The Queen of the Dolomites”.

Tomaselli Via Ferrata - Fanes Group

The Tomaselli is a particularly panoramic and exciting via ferrata, but it is physically and technically rather challenging, as a result of the path’s difficulty and exposure. When you reach the peak, you are rewarded with one of the finest views in the Dolomites, and the route also includes locations linked to the Great War.

Via Ferrata degli Alpini - Col dei Bos

The Via Ferrata degli Alpini, of medium difficulty, is on the Pyramid of Col dei Bos, near the Falzarego Pass, and it enables you to see the hospital structures dating back to the First World War, and the Dolomites in all their splendour.